Thursday, April 12, 2012

The ugly duckling turned swan

Two weeks ago while scouring a thrift store for things to paint, I spied a sad little table in a corner. It had a slightly crooked leg, and peculiar top - that looked perfectly straight from one angle and slightly bowed from another. It was scratched, dinged and frankly, ugly.  Take a look.

But, it was just five bucks.  Into the truck she went, and home she came to a paint job.

The ugly little ducking still has a crooked leg and bowed top, but isn't she looking more like a swan now? Speaking of ducks - it's painted with ASCP in duck egg blue, over old white, with clear wax. And a touch of distressing here and there. For just $5 and a little paint, it makes a cute little addition to a small space. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. Great job, Traci! I have several ugly duckling tables that need to be refinished!

  2. Happy to help you with them!