Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bunny "Ears" Craft Project

My son came home from preschool with this darling Easter project that I just adore. You can easily do this at home, with printed bunny clip-art you can find online (just Google 'easter bunny clipart'), or by drawing your own rabbit. Then buy non-toxic craft paint, or even washable Crayola kid paint, and have your little ones rub it on their feet - most likely in their opinion the best part!

Step in the paper, and there's your bunny ears! In my 4-year old's case - giant jack rabbit ears! (are those size 1's not the biggest feet you've ever seen on a kid his age)

I decided to take some beautiful wrapping paper, and make a frame for his project. This paper is from Vera Bradley, which I scored for 50% off. Otherwise I wouldn't have bought it. I'm too cheap to spend $15 on a roll of paper that someone will just wrip off a gift - that breaks my heart to see expensive paper just tossed in the trash.

So here, we measured with a ruler, cut and taped to the backside. Saxon's grandparents are going to love this!!

Happy Easter everyone!

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